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The Electronic Systems inside today’s machines are designed to make our work more efficient.

The Electronic Systems inside today’s machines are designed to make our work more efficient.

They also make our machinery more complex and this requires greater expertise when it comes to Electrical Services. Providing premium Electrical Services is very important to us at SMS Equipment. From the latest in training for our technicians to providing the ideal service facilities—whether on site or at our branch offices—SMS Equipment is committed to giving you the best when it comes to electrical parts, service, knowledge and trouble-shooting.

Providing premium Electrical Services is very important to us at SMS Equipment

At SMS Equipment, we offer one of the largest and most varied selections of electrical parts for mining and industrial applications in North America. And all of our parts are backed by a full range of electrical services. We also build specialized electrical and electronic systems for equipment in a well-equipped laboratory staffed by experienced technicians at our ISO 9001-2000 certified Acheson facility.

Whether its electronic cards, panels, backplanes, grid boxes, and control cabinets for G.E. transportation systems, SMS Equipment offers prompt, quality service.

At SMS Equipment, we’re here to provide Electrical Field Services to you wherever you are and whenever you need us. Our Electrical Field technicians are factory trained and equipped to perform all running repairs on Komatsu electric drive trucks including truck controls and software upgrading.

We also have the expertise and technical know-how to perform repairs and maintenance on electrical systems.

The Reman Group at SMS Equipment reconditions electrical rotating equipment for Komatsu electric drive trucks and restores them to original manufacturer specifications. SMS Equipment’s Komatsu and GE factory trained technicians combined with ISO 9001 business practices ensures all units are not only returned to their original state but are also equipped with any new technology that has emerged since the unit was built. SMS Equipment’s operational methods are also applied to grid blower motors, main alternator power modules, generators, and the AC or DC electric drive motors.

The SMS Equipment Reman Group performs overhauls and repairs to electronics related to electrical rotating equipment. We utilize factory Reman specifications and repair procedures to bring electronic components back to original factory specifications. We work specifically with chopper modules, phase modules, auxiliary inverters, AFSE panels, ISO amp panel, gate drivers, rectifier panels, grid boxes, contactors, reversers, backplanes, panels, control cabinets, and other electronic components.

Non-Komatsu Equipment?

SMS Equipment’s specialization goes beyond Komatsu. We also rebuild electrical components for Siemens, ABB, P&H (Komatsu), Bucyrus (CAT), and others. SMS Equipment also maintains strategic alliances with key business partners in order to ensure the availability of parts and technical information for all non-Komatsu equipment.

*All manufacturers names, numbers, symbols, and descriptions are used for reference purposes only and do not imply the parts listed are the products of the manufacturers.

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